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Bituminous Membrane

Modern bituminous membrane systems can be installed by torch applied or flame free applied to eliminate naked flames. Flame-free systems include; A choice of built-up adhered system, a robust single layer system that can be bonded, mechanically-fixed or ballasted and a self-adhesive built up roofing system option.


Torch-On Membranes offer simple and rapid application. As the bonding bitumen forms part of the core membrane itself, torch-on systems provide additional certainty of completely homogeneous modified bitumen throughout.

Bituminous membrane systems have become known for their long-lasting durability and offer enhanced performance properties including flexibility, excellent fire ratings, stronger reinforcement and ease of application.

The quality and experience of our installing operatives is paramount to ensuring a successful project. 


Benefits :
BBA Certified.
Extensive warranties available.
Easy to Apply.
Heavy duty, robust and extremely tough.
Long Term Value.
Versatile Design.
Membrane resists impact and tearing.
Resistant to European climatic conditions. 

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