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Permatop Roofing Limited was formed in 2012 and is a specialist roofing contractor offering a wide range of quality systems. We offer stand-alone solutions for roofing projects or any combination of our entire range of works which include hot melt systems, built-up felt roofing systems, mastic asphalt systems, cold applied liquid membranes and single ply membrane systems.
Permatop Roofing take pride on offering the perfect combination of experience and honesty.
We provide a contract specific service, tailored to our clients’ needs and requirements.
We believe in giving our customers the best value possible, expert advice, superior materials and first-class workmanship
Our work is methodical, detailed and comprehensive with a single goal in mind, creating a long-lasting roof to protect your property.
Many other roofing companies specialise in a single flat roofing technique and so push their potential customers to select this type. Permatop Roofing are multi-disciplined with experienced roofers in a variety of materials and methods. This enables us to offer a completely impartial service advising you based on your needs and your goals, rather than for our own gain.
If you’re looking for a flat roofing solution to last the test of time, please contact Permatop Roofing and a member of our experienced staff will be pleased to talk you through the options.
Permatop Roofing are approved contactors to install the UK’s leading manufacturers roofing & waterproofing products, most systems installed carry extensive warranties tailored to meet our client’s needs.
Permatop Roofing can provide independent assurance of their quality and safety systems. In collaboration with Citation Health & Safety Consultancy, Safety Schemes in Procurement accredited and registered to ISO 9001, We are also members of the NFRC.
Permatop Roofing are committed to continuous improvement of our own and our industry’s health and safety, environmental and management systems.

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