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Liquid Waterproofing 

Liquid Waterproofing is a flame-free, single component, quick-curing liquid waterproofing solution. Cold-applied to form an elastomeric, seamless membrane, Liquid Waterproofing will waterproof virtually any substrate. 

Systems have been developed to solve the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of flat roofs, gutters and balcony/walkways.


Liquid Waterproofing provides flexible, durable, long-lasting protection for up to 25 years. Systems offer a cold liquid applied, breathable, seamless finish that moves with the roof and allows vapour release from the existing substrate.
The quality and experience of our installing operatives is paramount to ensuring a successful project. 


Benefits :
BBA Certified.
Extensive warranties available.
The liquid applied waterproofing coating is applied in cold liquid form.
No open flame.
Once cured, the membrane is seamless.
The membrane is fully adhered onto the substrate.
No mechanical fixing or welding.
Liquid resins can easily adapt to complex details.
Lightweight waterproofing system.
Product elasticity. 

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