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Hot Melt Waterproofing 

Hot melt waterproofing systems have a successful track record of over 50 years. Today, many prestigious buildings in the UK have incorporated a hot melt system, utilising its numerous benefits which include excellent life expectancy, extreme high performance and competitive installed costs. 


The system is fully bonded thus eliminating the possibility of water ‘tracking’ under the membrane, are self-healing under load and can be laid with zero falls and are designed to last the lifetime of the structure
The quality and experience of our installing operatives is paramount to ensuring a successful project. 


Benefits :
Extensive warranties available.
Long lasting – for the lifetime of the building.
Suitable for completely flat (zero falls) decks.
Hot applied system – no solvent content – Multi-purpose use.
Tough and resistant to impact damage.
Self-sealing capability.
Low temperature flexibility.
High bond strength to substrate – high tensile strength.
Seamless application on main area and detail work.
Rapid setting – resistant to rain, snow and frost immediately after application.
Easily recyclable and environmentally non-polluting.
Virtually no packaging to be disposed of (zero wrapper waste)
Outstanding durability, tough and resistant to impact damage. 

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